About Us

Amber is a technology solution (in development) and a friend to the health and safety professional. Amber is designed to enable safety teams to look at health and safety through a creative lens. The platform empowers safety teams to develop a culture of excellence in health and safety.

Created by a team of artists, strategists, health and safety researchers and engineers, amber is a tool tailor-made for those looking to entrench safety practices as part of their company’s business culture.

Content available from the amber platform has been created and conceptualised based on cutting-edge research. The high-quality visual graphics and interactive workshops have been designed using tried-and-tested methodologies. Amber's health and safety campaigns make use of the power of semiotics (the meaning behind signs and symbols) and semantics (the use of language) to deliver memorable engagement which sticks.

Amber is currently funded by angel investors.

For more information on the team or for the whitepaper please contact amber@hsdc.io

Full features coming soon. Join now to gain access to amber originals COVID-19, Mental Health and HIV awareness.


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